My Position

My Position He said I sleep like an unborn child, naked, with knees drawn to belly, hands clasped palm to palm, and held tightly together by thighs clasped tightly together, by instinct. He said he lifts the sheet from my skin, turns the lamp to a shadow maker, and watches my dreams rise and fall from his worn chair, best used for reading. I said I am clasped, not an open book. He said he has read me, front to back, and he asked my permission to write the final chapter, just before I left. Shirley Alexander ©2010


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5 responses to “My Position

  1. I joined the blog here about two months ago, but haven’t done much on it. At least I cam comment on stuff.

    Like the bittersweet (at least in my way of thinking) of this piece of work. Someone trying to “own” everything, when there actually needs to be shadowy areas where we can retreat to without prying eyes and ears.

    • Thank you so much for feedback on this poem. It is the last one I wrote before I got sick last week. I might change it, but haven’t the energy yet.
      I think you got close enough to what I was saying here. Maybe I should have kept the music theme going and called this one “Freebird”. Ha! XX Shirley

  2. belfastdavid

    The last verse is the whole poem for me.

    Wonderfully evocative.


    • Thank you. I was hoping to get your opinion on this one. I’m including it in a group of poems I am putting together with the idea of doing a book.


  3. I discovered this poem had been accidentally marked “private” at some point. When I edited it to change it back to “public”, WP entered it as a new post. I don’t know how to fix that, and haven’t the urge to learn. I’m sorry for the error in notification, and any problems it caused. I will be posting and reading again soon. I hope you are all well.