Dog days of summer;
heat index rises.
Rain does not fall.

A ghost of autumn color bleeds across green.
Trees lean toward the empty creek bed,
like women long dry of love, and early to wilt.

I stand in a brown pasture,
back turned to a forest of reminders.
   I pray for rain.

Shirley Alexander
© 2010


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11 responses to “Wilt

  1. I understand this poem. It has been that kind of summer. However, as I sit here typing this out the thunder is rumbling and the rain is falling in my little part of the world. Hoping you will be so lucky.

    • Thank you, Jerry. I understand your poetry too. It speaks to me with a sweet Southern drawl.

      So far, we have only gotten a few light showers–just enough to give the trees a taste. I know how they feel.


  2. belfastdavid

    You describe very well Shirley how the month of August leaves me feeling.

    I feel a sadness in the poem.


    • Thank you for reading, David. Yes, I am feeling some sadness lately. I don’t really know what it is, but I trust it will pass. Meanwhile, it will have an influence on my writing. Doesn’t everything? “smile”

      • belfastdavid

        August does that to me too Shirley.

        However God, knowing that, has clearly decided to give me something to do – this new blog process – which leaves me no time to worry about myself. *Smile*

        My love to you


    • Hmm. Yes, for all of it. These August days in Georgia are very hot…usually muggy, but it is so dry this year, that it is hard to deal with anything. The leaves on my trees are already falling.

  3. Beautiful Shirley.
    You’ve really captured the transition of Summer to Autumn perfectly. I feel a sadness in your words, and can certainly relate to the desire for rain emotionally and litterally.
    This poem leaves me taking a deep breath. for the sadness and the beauty you’ve captured.
    Thankyou for sharings this.

    Take care
    (((BIG HUGS)))
    p.s. Hi!! 😀

    • Thank you, Tikarma. It is so good to see you on here!

      I am the one who never gets depressed, but something is going on with me this last couple of weeks. Maybe it’s just a float down from my vacation. Anyway, it will pass. It isn’t autumn here yet, but it is looking almost like that. Everything is wilted and dying with this drought. We might get some rain later today. Meanwhile, for the emotional drought–no relief in sight. “wry smile”

      I am going to subscribe to your sit now. Yeah!!!

      (((BIG HUGS)))

  4. Hi Shirley,

    Such a wonderful piece and one I can very much relate too. Living in a rural area in the driest state, on the driest continent, one becomes keenly aware of the importance of precipitation, and many a time we pray for the rains to come. The landscape just completely changes as the seasons change, and while Summer has its special beauty that we both love, we await the rains to come with great anxiety, and celebrate with great joy when the skies finally do open up, and then we pray for more.

    You captured it so well in verse, as if you climbed into my soul one early Autumn day.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Take care,


    • Jamie, it means a lot to me that you have come here to read my blog. Thank you. I’m pleased to know you like this, and found something in it that spoke to you. We have had a really dry summer here. It is only August, which is still full into our summer, but leaves are already turning and falling because of the drought. We do get an little shower about once a week lately, but it is only enough to make us want more, and most of it evaporates before the plants can get a taste. I hope all is well with you. Thank you again for reading.