But I’m Still Hoping

The Waiting Game

My Windstream Official Telephone Directory
contains no listing for Soul Mate,
business or residential.

A broader search on Google Maps informs
there exists an error of insufficient information;
Destination entered cannot be displayed.

People Search dot com wants cold cash,
but they are certain you do exist…somewhere.

Meanwhile, expectations dwindle
down this lonely country road.

Shirley Alexander

Thank you to Promising Poets’ Poetry Cafe . I accept it with gratitude and appreciation.
I nominate David Agnew
for his poem La Petite Mort


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16 responses to “But I’m Still Hoping

  1. Oh I love the hell out of this. Wonderful way of getting your point across in an unorthodox manner. I feel that Soul Mate will eventually show himself. I was so very lucky in life, I found my soul mate, but I rejected her time and time again. Now I am paying for it. Friday I will be going to see my son, Nick, she birthed for me. The last time I saw Nick he was in his bassinet forty-one years ago. Am I nervous? Yes. Very much so.

  2. belfastdavid

    What a wonerful off-the-wall take on this theme.

    You have captured a longing which is inherent in us all.

    The title of the blog is an integral part of the poem methinks 🙂

    And that’s a you and me both!!!

    With much love

    • David,

      Thank you. I hoped you would like this. It has shades of a David Agnew poem, I think.

      One way I write poetry is to pick up whatever is near, read one sentence, and allow it to inspire me in some way. I was on lunch break at my office, and the phone book was beside me. I wrote down the name of the directory, and wondered how to use it. The idea popped into my head that it would be nice to find a listing for a soul mate in that book. So, ten minute later, the poem was written on a scratch pad. When I got home, I divided it into stanzas, evened out the lines, and readied it for posting.

      I made the last two lines shorter, and more somber to compliment their meaning.

      I honestly thought you had found that soul mate. I hope we both find what we are looking for, or learn to accept the things we cannot change, soon. *smile*

      Much love to you,

  3. All this technology and has it made us any happier?…not so much…

  4. Hi Shirley,
    I absolutely love this poem! It’s brilliant! You’ve used the modern age to great effect in conveying your sentiments.
    I believe when all hope is felt to be lost then all is revealed. It took me a long time to realise my soul mate was staring me in the face. I also believe good things do indeed come to those who wait and forbear with grace and patience. You never know what or who lies beyond the next turn…I’m also an eternal optimist…can you tell. 🙂

    Wishing you and the family all the best
    You take good care my friend
    With much love and
    (((Extra BIG HUGS)))

    • Tikarma,

      I am well pleased you like this. It sorta surprised me when I finished it too.

      I have not lost hope of finding someone who will understand and accept me for the foolish person I am, and still love me without fault. Maybe that’s asking too much. ::) I know it might never happen–time is growing shorter. But, I am reasonably happy, and I have enjoyed a decent life. Gratitude is something I feel every day.

      I am really looking forward to this trip! It’s a short one, but the time will be spent doing things I enjoy. I will be leaving in less than an hour. I wanted to get things caught up on here, and FB before I left so I wouldn’t have to put it off until the weekend.

      Take care of yourself. You are warm in my heart.

      (((BIG HUGS)))

  5. Thanks for everything.

    amazing write, feel free to share again.

  6. Congrats on the award I love your poem =)

  7. Jerry Bolton

    Ah this is precious, and so true, Shirley, You made the poem seem like a news item and had me going for a line or two. I’m glad we have connected again. All the very best to you.

  8. It’s been up a good while, Jerry. You left me a very nice comment when it was first posted, but I do appreciate the second helping. *smile* Thank you. My best to you too, my friend.

    • Jerry Bolton

      I’m sorry. I’m starting off wrong. I didn’t remember it. I’m sorry.

  9. Don’t apologize! I love that I got an extra comment from you. “grin”